Teddy and Oz

Our feline buddies are in charge of the indoor space of the Meadow.

november-250016Teddy and Rufus grew up here together – Rufus arriving in 2006 and Teddy in 2007.
Rufus was my shadow. Where ever I was … there he would be! I often felt guilty even getting up to go to the washroom … as sure enough he’d wake himself up and follow me. We were very sad to have to say goodbye to Rufus in January of 2017.

february-20043We didn’t want Teddy to end up being a solo cat – believing they are much healthier when they have a buddy to chase and wrestle with. So Oz found his way to us. At first Teddy wasn’t sure he could manage a young’n!
It seems though that Oz is working his way into Teddy’s heart as quickly as he has worked his way into ours.


2 Responses to Teddy and Oz

  1. Dale Holliday says:

    I just noticed some of your pictures. Both of your fur babies look so content. Teddy has excepted Oz very gracefully. Its nice that they bonded. I hope Oz wasn’t too much of a pain.

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