And the Birds

In the fall of 2016 we were fighting what seemed like an onslaught of ticks. Each morning I would find two or three on each of the jennies. Not a good situation … but what to do? One morning in early October Ede mentioned that she’d read that Guinea Fowl could be a natural tick control. Having harboured a secret yearning to try out poultry here on our little hobby farm … zip! I was off and home again before you could say lickety split with four little keets!october-17008

They were tiny! I had discovered they had them at our local farm supply store.

Over the winter I spent time each day hanging out in the coop to ‘tame’ our little flock. We knew them as Miss Charlie, Sir Henry, Chip and Beaker. By May they were out and free ranging our woods and paddocks … and … the road! Not good … After a few weeks of watching them dodge cars and trucks (sometimes not so successfully) we decided that they needed a bigger farm to range. So they headed off to join a family who just moved onto their first farm this spring – 2017.
May 280003

Having spent a great deal of time and money building our coop and our run I didn’t want that to go to waste. Hmmm … perhaps now we would try out our hand at raising some chickens. Cari and Owen gave me three of their chicks for a birthday present. And within a few days Haley was off to a heritage poultry sale and came home with three Marans to add.
May 290004

The Marans are the little black chicks. The larger birds are a barnyard mix. These are my first chickens. I’m enjoying spending time watching them and handling them to help them to trust people. I’m also learning lots every day about how to care for them and how to train them. I don’t think we’ll end up with a bird playing patriotic piano …

… but you never know!