No More Pretty Pictures

… for a while! We are well into our first l…o…n…g thaw. I knew this was coming. With each new ice storm or quick melt I was spreading wood chips and manure in order to give the donkeys some traction to move around. I wondered what that would look like come spring. It is quite amazing to watch (bothersome to clean up). Each hour or so a completely new layer of chips and manure would become exposed as another layer of ice disappeared. I just kept raking in circles … always coming back to new piles! Cue the Alfred Hitchcock music that goes with that ever lengthening hallway! Ha!

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4 Responses to No More Pretty Pictures

  1. Mud season comes to us all. It’s never pretty!

  2. Elsie Lafreniere says:

    Hi Wendy, I know to well what you mean. I’m not wanting any visitors due to the state of the paddock. I had to put out manure on the ice and I knew it would be bad, but it is worse than I imagined. I am hardly able to find a clean area to put out the hay and I’m constantly apologizing to the donkeys. Hope I will be able to remedy the situation soon.

    Don’t work too hard.



    • meadowmice says:

      Hi Elsie … look at us two! 😉 I was looking around as I worked and remembering my neighbour who always teased me saying that I must walk around with my rake behind the donkeys because there never seemed to be much manure around. Sure looks different today! Yikes!

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