Woo – eeeee! IN comes the cold air tonight. Brrrrrrrrrrr… We’ll be down around -20’C without the wind chill. I’m glad the sun was shining this afternoon to give the jennies a chance to luxuriate in the warmth.

I’ve been away – gathered close with family. Sure is wonderful to be able to spend time with my Dad’s siblings. He has been gone for just under ten years now … and I find being with them brings back his voice and the many good times I had as a young child growing up in their circle.

When I got back to the paddock I discovered Edie had hauled out a great treat for the jennies – two big branches with lots of nibble room. They have been loving them all day. I’ve got the heat lamps on for tonight. I have to keep an eye on Darby … I’m not so sure that she isn’t spooked by the red glow.

The Guineas seem to be feeling the cold as well, even though their coop was at -5’C. I think when the door opens they must really feel the chill. Today I noticed them doing something I have not seen before. They were huddling down into the wood chips … as if they were heating up their feet … I brought them a fresh pile of hay which they love to graze through. I also noticed that Miss Charlie was not eating with the three roosters …? I noticed that before I left too. I hope things haven’t shifted such that she’s being chased and set apart … Being new at this I am not sure what to expect. I’ll likely keep checking the barn cams tonight!

Stay warm!

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9 Responses to Chilling

  1. I don’t know what to tell you about the Guinea behavior. We had more than 4, so I think they just worked it out. Love the photos of your Jennys.

  2. recyclersa says:

    Too cold … Miss Charlie is going to suffer if she is the only hen. Keep cozy. Laura

    • meadowmice says:

      Hmmm… do you mean it would be good if I got another hen or two? Do they stick together – hens? Roosters staying separate?

      • meadowmice says:

        Or are you thinking – one hen – three roosters – makes one very busy hen? I’m worrying about that possibility too!

      • recyclersa says:

        I am trying to remember if Guineas are like Ducks and Swans and have one mate for life, do you Know? If not I think she is going to be exhausted by the 3 roosters?

  3. meadowmice says:

    I did read that they mate for life. I thought in the beginning that she and Sir Henry always stayed together. But something has changed in the last week … I will need to keep watching. And reading. I also have friends down the road that have a pretty big flock. Perhaps I’ll need to reinforce our numbers. I don’t think it would be all that wise though in the winter … in small quarters. Hmmm … interesting dilemma!

  4. Heidi says:

    Hi Wendy,
    If it’s any comfort to you – I’ve read that guineas sometimes bully an individual bird, but that the behavior usually tapers of by the time they reach their first year. I have six 9 month old guineas of which only one may be female…..I won’t know until egg-laying starts in the spring. Although I saw some bullying in the past,- it seemed to coincide with what I would call their “teenage stage”. Perhaps your guineas are just now entering that phase. My birds seem to have sorted themselves out and get along quite well now.

    • meadowmice says:

      THANK YOU Heidi! I was considering tracking down your email this morning to ask your opinion. I DO think they are in the teenage stage … gawky at best. That definitely gives me some hope. I will carry on.

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