Yesterday, as we left the paddock, I wondered if Rosie would actually go inside the wrapped up donkey playground (aka blue tent). Having closed it all in on three sides I was worried she would feel trapped without the double exit. I was darn pleased this morning to see evidence that someone had been in there. This afternoon it was quite clear – the ‘blue tent’ has been officially claimed as Rosie’s digs.

Meanwhile in the coop more antics … I put in a fresh pile of hay. That leads to a fresh round of ‘keep away’. Keep the green grass away from the rest of the confusion! Ha! (This is a video clip – so if you are reading an email message you’ll need to click through to the blog to catch the action.)

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4 Responses to Score!

  1. Heidi says:

    Happy New Year to everyone at The Meadow!
    If you enjoy watching your guineas play “keep away” – just wait until they discover grasshoppers in the summer! For all their lack of “classical beauty” – they really grow on you, with their sweet conversations and group antics.

    • meadowmice says:

      Happy New Year Heidi! Say, did you have to train your Guineas to come back into their coop at night?

      • Heidi says:

        Hi Wendy! I learned to “herd my birds”, using a hockey stick as an extension of my arm. Eventually all I had to do was get behind them and walk in the direction I wanted them to go. They now seem to see the coop as their safe zone. While they don’t venture very far these days – they don’t like the ‘big white world’ – I’m hoping they will remember our routine next spring. I suspect you will have no trouble training your birds – and that you will all have fun – donkeys included………..

  2. meadowmice says:

    Thanks Heidi. Oh I can just imagine the ‘herding’ skills of the donkeys. I will need to make a safe zone so the Guineas can get to their coop without being hassled on the way!

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