Under the Dome

July 2201We were at 41’C today for a while … UGH! Today was the kind of day that looked nicest through the window. Check out this article on the ‘Heat Dome’ – the summer equivalent of a polar vortex!
July 22b
Yep – that’s pretty much what it feels like. I’ve come in from spending a few hours with the jennies after dinner. They seem to be faring pretty well. Lots of good shade and a west breeze to at least move some of the air.
July 22c
I’m really wondering how Celi is doing over at The Kitchens Garden. They’re up there in that 115’F range. And then there is Linda down at 7MSN Ranch. I’m thinking about It’s a scorcher. I think we’d all better start doing a rain dance!

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2 Responses to Under the Dome

  1. anne54 says:

    That is hot!!We usually have a couple of days each summer over 40 degrees, so I know how hot it can get. I am sending you cool thoughts!

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