Oh no … don’t let the rain come down!

Raining Still1Our jennies are a very good natured bunch …
Raining Still2… however … I swear that today Darby looked me in the eye and sighed when the rain started … once again … to pound on the barn roof.
Raining Still3Bella doesn’t seem to mind standing in the rain, eating in the rain, hanging out with Paco in the rain … unless the other option is to stand in the barn with me and get brushed. 😉

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4 Responses to Oh no … don’t let the rain come down!

  1. Lee says:

    Are your donkeys made out of sugar? 🙂
    They do seem rather sweet.

  2. I cant believe your donkeys don’t rip all those halters right off the wall. They wouldn’t last 4 seconds at my place. Ramsey and Emma would have them dragged to the bottom of the pasture, trampled, chewed and tied in knots. Nothing is safe!:)

  3. meadowmice says:

    Ha! Those lead ropes are a continuous source of amusement for Darby. Some days she has three or four of them pulled out from behind the wall and she plays ‘tug of war’ with them. Only occasionally is she able to get one right off the hook. I have curved hooks to hang them on and then clasps at the end of the ropes. She is also the only one tall enough to reach them up there. 😉

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