Sweet Rose

Sweet Rose1Seems the ‘July Heat Wave’ skipped right on over us in just a few short days …
Sweet Rose2… which means I will find the donkeys out soaking up sunshine in the early morning.
Sweet Rose3Rosie was happy for some human company and a thorough brushing.
Sweet Rose5I love it when I find an opportunity to get right down on the ground with any of our donkeys. My dad used to joke that my mom wanted a horse that would lay at her feet.
Sweet Rose6She would have loved to hang out with our herd. 😉 Rosie grunts and sighs and stretches out while you brush her back and even her belly.
Sweet Rose4She fixes me with those big brown eyes … and I’m a goner!

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2 Responses to Sweet Rose

  1. Leslie Cronk says:

    Wonderful pictures. I have to take the time to do that…get down on the ground and spend some time just brushing… 🙂 great therapy..

  2. Barb Chivers says:

    Beautiful, you describe my moments with my Panda, my doggy.

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