What to read … what to read?

What to read01I love to read … read … and read some more! Lately I’ve been trying out a new way to bookmark the websites I like to visit. When my links are hidden in my bookmarks tab I seem to forget about sites that I really like to read. I tried out Symbaloo last year for a while. They still had a few kinks to work out. But their latest version has been great.
What to read03Symbaloo opens in your browser window – whatever browser you like. I prefer Chrome these days. It seems to be much faster than Explorer and doesn’t have all the extra toolbars that appear so often with some of the others. I have created mixes for: News, ‘My Desk’, Blogs, Shaw TV Channels, Fav Shows, Brain Food and Shopping. Each ‘mix’ has 52 tiles. You select which websites or RSS feeds you’d like each tile to represent. Setup is as simple as clicking on an empty tile, copying the website address into a form window and selecting a picture to represent the site.
What to read02cSo … what does this have to do with my blog? This is my ‘Blogs’ page – blogs I like to read. The circled red tiles are ALL blogs about farming – especially people with donkeys. The green circled tiles are all nature and photography sites. The pink are my two go to ‘interior design dream on’ sites … And finally – the yellow are my favourite places to drop in to learn about new computer tools – like Symbaloo.

The other great thing about Symbaloo is that no matter what machine I am on – here at home – or away on someone else’s … I just need to login into Google Chrome and voila! There is my ‘Symbaloo Desktop’. It means I can easily switch from my desktop to my laptop to my ipad and have everything instantly move with me.

Now … to find the time to read a little more! 😉

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5 Responses to What to read … what to read?

  1. avian101 says:

    Thanks for having my blog on your Google cloud! 🙂

  2. Interesting. And so organized! Maybe I should give it a try, i could use a little organization in my world. Although, every time I try to organize things, I can never remember where I put things later. On second thought, maybe I’ll just stick with my version of controlled chaos:)

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks for the site info. I need something like this!

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