Then … and Now …

Greeters1I think sometimes as I smell spring around the corner I get ahead of myself … turns out this time last year March looked like this …
Playful-Donkeys7… and this! Yikes!
Sunday Afternoon01So really – this doesn’t look bad at all. I think it just seems like it is taking forever because this year it all started so early! Below is the day of our first snow – the last week in November. And it stayed – deep and ever present! We will have had thick snow cover for four straight months IF the snow lasts until next Thursday. The average snowfall for our area is about 176 cm (~70 inches). We usually have about 50 days with snow cover. We will have had 119 days of snow cover this year … and 263 cm (~104 inches). Okay … now I’m starting to get it.

First Snow Morning2Hopefully last year’s picture below …
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA… will soon come true too!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt will be WONDERFUL to SEE the woods again! 😉

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