Snoozing … on a Tuesday Afternoon

Young Darby001This morning I spent a few hours with the donkeys hanging out around the new bale. They were glad to see me prying away at the crusty outside layer with my ‘claw’ pitchfork. I made a few runs to the compost bin and then while raking heard Darby sigh and lay down beside me. I knelt down to stroke her face … and then thought … oh heck – it’s so nice out here in the sunshine … I’ll just lean against the bale and soak a little of it up with her. So it was that a passing driver noticed a donkey laying with her head in my lap – my feet sprawled out in front of me! The nice guy turned around and came back to ask if we were okay. He wasn’t sure if Darby was dying or if I was hurt. Gotta love someone who would put themselves in the middle of either of those situations! I assured him we were fine and were just taking in the mid-day sun. (And I was enjoying a really good snuggle with my one and half year old BIG baby girl!)

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3 Responses to Snoozing … on a Tuesday Afternoon

  1. Sheila says:

    Life in the country, always makes you smile!

  2. Bev vanderschoor says:

    Snuggling is soul candy no matter the “breed”

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