Pure Gold

Image 2-20-2014 at 6.33 PMInteresting to be ‘out and about’ today. I rode the train into Toronto for the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Conference and the Royal York (posh) Hotel. About halfway through the trip someone at the back of our train car yelled out that the women’s curling team won the gold medal. The whole car erupted into cheering. Made me chuckle and smile for quite a while. I’ve always been either in school or on summer holidays for Olympic seasons … Fun to see a whole trainload of adults from all walks of life erupt into such team spirit!
Image 2-20-2014 at 6.23 PMWhen I got off the train I hustled through Union Station to get to the hotel as quick as possible. I was hoping to be able to get to my room in time to see the end of the Canada vs. US hockey game. As I walked along an underground concourse I saw a man duck into a barbershop because he saw they had a tv screen playing the game … He popped back out to tell his friend that the US was winning 2-0. Yikes! There was a long line up at the Check In Desk. I figured that I’d lost my chance to see what happened. BUT … as I turned on the tv when I got to my room I heard “SHE SCORES!” I tossed everything onto the beds and set up camp. My workshop was going to have to wait until the overtime was done! What an exciting finish! Well done girls! Both teams are the talk of the hotel here tonight. A lot of Canadians are smiling – coast to coast – thinking about the great efforts and achievements of our ‘girls’ on the world stage today. Bravo!

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One Response to Pure Gold

  1. J F says:


    We are 5 minutes away.  Let us know if we can help/join in.

    Love,  Jane

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