We can feel it … !

Feb 15001Oh my … it is HOT outside … Well – okay – 0 degrees, come April, will be cold. But in February, it is down right balmy! While doing the morning chores I was dropping coat layers, hats, mitts and still working up a good sweat. 8) The donkeys are keen on good scratches on warm days. Each time I would toss a fork load into my sled I would turn back to a keen face (or sometimes donkey butt) looking for a rub down.
Sleepers001When I headed back inside I noticed that the girls had all snuggled into the remains of their hay bale. They look like they are cozy in straw sleeping bags.
Sleepers002Great lazy Saturday afternoon for all Meadow critters!

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One Response to We can feel it … !

  1. fk.wawrychuk@shaw.ca says:

    They do lookl content. Glad the cold eased up a bit. Love Kate

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