Dear Darby

Feb Frolics012Dear Darby,
This is a thank you note to let you know how much I appreciate your help each day. I love that you are willing to help out with the shoveling. Lord knows! There has been enough of that to last years this past month! I like that you also pull the manure sled for me – all over the paddock or the grove.
Feb Frolics013It is comforting to know that should I need to take a mitt off and tuck it into my pocket you will ensure that it gets looked after.
Feb Frolics011And I love having someone to share my giggles with when Paco decides to do his ‘grunt and roll routine’! Love ya Darby Girl!

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One Response to Dear Darby

  1. says:

    Perhaps you should have gone for “reindeer” instead. You have so much snow. Happy Shovelling ! Love Kate

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