Glorious Sunshine

Glorious Sunshine001Ahhh … smell that air! Listen to the slap of those tires on that slushy road. It’s warm!
Glorious Sunshine002Time for everyone to take up their posts …
Glorious Sunshine003… for an afternoon snooze in the sunshine. 8)

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2 Responses to Glorious Sunshine

  1. says:

    Everyone is looking well-fed and content. Good work “team” Love Kate

    • meadowmice says:

      Thanks Kate! We’re getting some good winter systems down pat! Although … we’ll see what happens with this week of two snowstorms heading our way. The donkeys were feeling a bit of spring fever this afternoon and did some great running up and down the hill from the paddock to the front field. I was wishing I had my video camera with me so I could send Frank another ‘good time running’ clip! 


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