Rainy Day

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks to Master sign maker, Bob Wight, Bella Sky is now able to prove her claim to the Bully Barn. Darby seems to feel that might cause some complications …
Rainy Day002After all – the Bully Barn is everyone’s favourite hang out when the weather is bad. It has the best views …
Rainy Day003Oh boy … here she comes …
Rainy Day004
The letters in the middle row are … R … K … S … Z … no… that’s a 2 …?
Nice try … now how many hooves am I holding up? 😉
Rainy Day001
No really … there is another tree just like this in the backyard … but there are a bunch of donkeys out there doing tricks!
Rainy Day007How is a cat supposed to get any sleep with all those animals talking out there?

Shhhh … stay warm and dry today! 😉

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One Response to Rainy Day

  1. Nice blog! Have had a fun visit this morning :-).

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