Icy Jays

Icy Jays001Seems my comments about ‘missing’ the ice storm need to be corrected.
Icy Jays002The Jays are still sporting ice coats …
Icy Jays003… and fascinators!

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6 Responses to Icy Jays

  1. Melody says:

    Cool shots Wendy! Merry Christmas!

  2. fk.wawrychuk@shaw.ca says:

    I think that the Jays should move in with the donkeys ’til it warms up a bit. Love Kate

    • meadowmice says:

      Hi Kate! Funny you should mention that! 😉 There is one critter that just may be working on that. Paco had a black cat friend when he lived on the other side of the village. Sometimes as I would come across his field I would see this black cat uncurl from his back and slink away. Well … it seems we have enherited that little guy in our neck of the woods. He showed up in the summer. I haven’t been able to confirm that it is – or is not – the same cat that Paco chummed with before … Our neighbours are now feeding him (the cat) and I see him out in the paddock when I go out. So far he is staying away from people. I’m keeping my camera ready just in case! xoxo Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Wendy


  3. Caroline says:

    Beautiful pictures. Merry Christmas to you all
    Love Caroline and Cory

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