Hurray … a Snow Day!

First Snow Morning1Our road is plowed … and looks pretty good.
First Snow Morning3In both directions. However, ALL of the buses in this area are cancelled. Hurray! A snow day. But wait … I don’t have to go to school anyway! Still …
First Snow Morning2… seems a ‘Snow Day’ is a ‘Snow Day’ no matter what. A beautiful day to be cozy inside …
Snowy Morning Donkeys1… except when you’re not! Seems the girls have been out playing in the snowfall already.
Snowy Morning Donkeys2Someone already pegged Rosie with a snowball!

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2 Responses to Hurray … a Snow Day!

  1. Darlene says:

    Ok who pegged Rosie I wonder???? WENDY

  2. nancyleach07 says:

    Gorgeous!! I was driving to Waterloo to give a workshop yesterday morning so was actually relieved we didn’t get the storm, but man it’s beautiful.

    I did drive over a mountain in the snow in Vermont in pitch dark with “all weather” tires on Sunday morning.. kinda enough for one season!

    I love those donkeys!! xox

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