Meanwhile … inside …

NFLT logoPhew! This day disappeared! While the weather has been brewing outside … I’ve been ‘creating’ inside. One of my hobbies is designing web pages. I’m not a pro – I’m definitely a html ‘cowboy’. Every time I don’t know how to do something I just ‘Google’ it. After watching a few YouTube videos and reading through lines of code I can usually figure out what I want to do.

Lifetime Achievement RecipientsThis gives me a chance to volunteer for some of our local clubs. One that I am proud to be part of is our ‘North Frontenac Little Theatre‘ group. I am not an actor … but I can help out with photography, video editing and web page upkeep. So today – I have been putting some of the finishing touches on our website. I first worked on this site more than ten years ago. Then I needed to step away into the busy-ness of school. It has been fun to come back to it.

There are a lot of great people involved in this organization! Just ten days ago we celebrated six people who have worked at providing theatre experiences for over thirty years.

Just like in a small school – in a small community there really isn’t such a thing as ‘somebody else will do it’. So it is easy (and rewarding!) to get involved and lend a hand. It sure gave my brain a workout!

PS There can’t really be a day without at least some type of donkey story. When the snow started to fall here Paco decided the ‘herd’ needed to be AWAY FROM THE PADDOCK. Something is scaring them in the evenings … I’m not sure if it is the way the buildings cast shadows, the way the wind break tarp snaps along the fenceline, or something lurking out there that I can’t see… All I know is that I had to go searching for them. When I caught up with them the first time they were stationed in the woods at the top of the hill each taking a lookout angle. Later I found them in the far corner of the front pasture… Rosie played the part of Eeyore beautifully by pouting about all the snow building up on her coat. I went out after dinner and used carrots to lure them back to the Bully Barn. I’ve just checked. The girls are still in the barn… Paco is doing laps in the paddock. Hmmmm?

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