Family Dinners

Dinner with JamesI have just come in from a wonderful evening walking the town with James. We found a great place called The Beet Organic Cafe. Yum! Delicious dinner. But especially great was the chance to wander and talk for a few hours. Love, love, LOVE that boy!
Dinner with CatsWhen we got home we had the chance to serve up dinner for Babar and Monkey. Notice the closer shared space? That still works best over a meal – but hey – most family scraps seem to be best repaired over some vittles. 😉 There is still some hissing and slapping. But every day it becomes a little less. Babar is even chasing a tin foil ball around my feet as I am typing away. I think he is a great candidate for learning how to play fetch! I think maybe we’ll go work on that now.

Hugs out to the revellers in Banff! Kate and Corey are at a gala at the Banff Springs Hotel in the company of the Royal Society of Canada. Kate was awarded the prestigious Alison Wilson Award today at a reception there. You can read Kate’s citation here. We’re looking forward to a few ‘selfies’ of the grand gala …

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