Carrot Run

Carrot Run1I took my personal paparazzo out to the paddock this morning. 😉 After breakfast each day I head out to deliver the morning carrots. This is a sure way to become a ‘Donkey Rock Star’.
Carrot Run2If these pictures came with sound recording you would hear the girls whining and whinnying. They do quite a dance number. Rosie usually gets the first bowl of carrots. Darby then follows me a ‘safe distance’ away from Rosie’s perimeter. For a little donkey she does a great job of protecting her space! 😉
Carrot Run3This morning Paco did not even want to come out of the condo for carrots. He works hard to avoid the wind at all costs…
Carrot Run4and he knows he has me well trained to seek him out with his own special hand fed serving.
Carrot Run6He keeps an eye on Darby because she likes to rush through her carrots and then comes to see if maybe I’d give a few of Paco’s to her as well.
Carrot Run5I love the chance Paco and I have every morning to visit. He has such beautiful eyes and he seeks mine out while he munchies happily away on his breakfast.  We pass the bowl to Darby – and he is trained to be ready for my ‘behind the back pass’ of whatever carrots were left. Then he is ready for some gentle ear scratches and cuddles.

Sure is a great way to start a day – and good incentive to take the time to put on layers and layers of winter clothing!

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