Rest Stop

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis has been one busy week around here! I arrived home on the train late Tuesday night … just in time to wake up here at The Meadow for ‘Paco Day‘. One year ago, on the 7th of November, he and I took the big step of walking from his former ‘hilltop’ abode to life here with we Meadow Mice and eventually, his girls, Darby and Rosie. I can’t imagine life without him now!
Rest Stop001I know I mentioned the beautiful decor of the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at in Toronto earlier this week. It was called Beverley Place. I want to go back some time to stay in one of these other rooms! The room above has two sets of bay windows that look out through a giant maple tree onto Beverley Street.
Rest Stop002We passed by this door a couple of times on the second floor. It has a working pink marble fireplace!
Rest Stop005We were tucked up in the ‘attic’ in the last remaining room. It was much more conservative than the others but still a great room with its own bathroom and lots of floor space and THE MOST COMFORTABLE BED!
Rest Stop004The living room was also beautiful. I spent some time here each night catching up on emails. The wireless  signal didn’t reach all the way to the third floor.
Rest Stop003Their rates were very reasonable – any where from $95 to $130 for double occupancy. They serve a delicious breakfast each morning in an equally elegant dining room.
Rest Stop006I had one day to do some ‘homework’ (almost forgetting what that is!) and I was back on the road to do a Classroom Tourist visit and then to run an evening workshop for our District on ‘Teaching and Learning Through Technology’. I teamed up with a colleague who has a junior class and we plunked everyone down with an iPad and all made movies. Fun to get emails this morning and afternoon from teachers who were heading out to buy iPads tonight or tomorrow. Should get a commission from Apple! 😉
Blooms2002Ede found me having my afternoon snooze in my favourite spot even before lunch! Time for some home ‘down time’ for a number of days in a row!

PS Sending hugs out to Linda Carson at the 7MSN Ranch who lost her father this past month. We’re missing your posts but know you’ll be back soon. Hugs from Canada!

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