Still in Step After All These Years

CityMice7Today we headed to ‘The Beaches’ … literally! Before we picked up our host for the afternoon we came across a great ginko tree. These trees don’t grow in our area. We’ve had a ginko leaf drying out on our bookshelves for almost ten years now … and it just disintegrated. Time for a refill!
CityMice10Yes … dear maple leaf. You’re still tops on my list … BUT the ginko leaf is fast on your heels!
CityMice8I had a wonderful time seeing these two reconnect. Nancy is a dear friend who goes way back to high school years with Ede. Nancy and Ede are much like sisters in many ways. Turns out there are many things about Ede that are actually MLN all the time! 😉 (More .. Like … Nancy!)
CityMice9We had a delicious lunch and then headed down to the boardwalk for a brisk workout! Ede and Nancy talk in high gear while walking full speed ahead. I couldn’t help but picture versions of these two walking in parallel spaces as young teenagers – talking and walking into the future while these two walk ‘back’ to meet them … Friends with shared histories are very important. Thank you Nancy!

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2 Responses to Still in Step After All These Years

  1. katefcairns says:

    Hooray! Everything about this post makes me so happy.

  2. says:

    Lovely Fall walk with an old friend, perfect day. Love Kate

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