City Mice

CityMice1The Meadow Mice have traded in their rubber boots for city shoes for a few days. We took the train into Union Station and then headed up to Beverley Street B & B. It is a beautifully restored Victorian home with four antique pianos. Each room is a ‘castle keep’ unto its own. I’d come back here in a flash! Once we dropped our bags we headed out to find our way to James and Brett’s home. We boarded a street car and were enjoying the views along College Street when BAM!!! Our street car ran into an SUV! No one was hurt but it was ‘exciting enough’! We didn’t have far to go so we hiked on up to Rusholm.
CityMice3And here we found ‘our boy’. šŸ˜‰ I’ve been so excited to be able to visit James’ and Kates’ homes. They’ve both moved in the last year and I like to be able to picture where they are. James’ street has gorgeous tall trees AND somehow Toronto is only into early fall. (Back at the Meadow the leaves have all fallen … we’re waiting for snow there.) Here the gardens are still in bloom – roses – salvia – marigolds – even cosmos – are still blooming!
CityMice2We had Ā a cosy ‘tea party’ with Brett and James in their warm sunshine filled living room. They have walls full of bookshelves – my oggling reading brain couldn’t help scanning all of the titles. You could certainly lose yourself here in the sunshine with a good book, a comfy rocking chair or plush couch and an afternoon snooze. Notice – James wore his ‘farmer sweater’ in our honour. šŸ˜‰
CityMice4We then headed on over to Symington to have dinner with Kate. She made a delicious vegetarian stew (or ‘hot salad’). YUM! AND home made oatmeal cookies. Thanks Kate! Lots of good laughs – a tour of her home – and plenty of time to pet Monkey and Babar (can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of those two cats). Monkey is a beautiful Siamese mix. His big blue eyes and soft browns are so attractive! (Yes – he is the same colours as Cheki was!) Babar is pitch black – think Wheater (x3 in size). A shout out to Corey – Hey there! – who is in Montreal this week. LOVE your home Cor – and the beautiful hutch from your aunt!
CityMice5Thank you Kate and James for such a lovely afternoon and evening! Love you lots!

The CityMice continue their adventure this afternoon when we head off to find Nancy in the Beaches.

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