As the leaves fall outside … the blooms start moving inside. I’ve brought the hibiscus and the mandevilla in – and they just keep on blooming. Add those to the blooming cactus and the chenille plant and we have an indoor flower garden in our front room.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis mandevilla was a gift from a friend (thanks Bev!). I’m hoping to be able to nuture it through the winter in the sunroom. Last time I tried that I had to figure out how to contend with the ‘milk’ that leaked whenever I trimmed the vines … and then the aphids that suddenly appeared to lap it all up. I’m being vigilant … no sign of trouble yet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Christmas Cactus has been renamed the “Lexi Cactus” in our household. It blooms each year coming into her birthday. She will be three years old (going on six) next week!

Meadow Thanksgiving024I sure am looking forward to scooping her (and her sister) up a few times for Gramma and Grandpa weekends this year. AND … to being able to travel to see their special school events. It will be fun to be in the audience for a concert or two (instead of backstage). 😉
Blooms2001In the meantime I am quite happy to spend a few hours outside with the ‘donks’. And then spend a few hours inside on the couch in the sun / garden room with something to read. Finally I meander to my computer to work a little at writing and being a computer tutor. Next thing I know I am heading outside and starting the cycle all over again.
Blooms2002But always … I am very happy to hit my favourite corner in the house!
Blooms2003Hurray for ‘winter gardens’!

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