Farrier Visit

Farrier Visit001We met our farrier on Tuesday – Dale Gladwin of Hearthstone Farrier Services. (Check out this blog post from ‘The Accidental Farmer’ with a story about Dale.) Both Ede and I lost a little sleep the night before … would Paco cooperate? … would he even take his sedative? How about no to the first question … and  yes to the second??
Farrier Visit002Rosie was first up. No problem. Also – a mini is easier to handle! Now Darby started off just fine. She has had experience with veterinary ‘procedures’ that were not that great … so she is a little more leary of a stranger in the paddock.
Farrier Visit003Dale was so patient and kind. You can see why he enjoys working around animals. They enjoy being around him. Within a very short time both Rosie and Darby had clean white hooves. We were very happy to hear that Darby’s feet are in good condition – no signs of any damage from her bout with ‘founder’ in the spring.
Farrier Visit004Throughout the whole process Paco kept his eye on each ‘human’ within reach. Even with one and a half full doses of sedative he was having NOTHING to do with any trimming of his hooves! At least Dale was able to take a general look and let us know that he seems good. Perhaps Paco will live the life of a ‘wild’ donkey with human and equine friends and a home paddock to boot.

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