Brass Werks Concert

BrassWerks ConcertWe had the most amazing night last night. We headed out for dinner with good friends (Mary and Gary) and then took in the “Last Night of the Proms” concert featuring BrassWerks (our star being the amazingly talented Rick Cairns) and the Kingston Choral Society. A fan sent Rick the above picture – and I’m sharing it with you to give you a teeny tiny glimpse into the great atmosphere in Sydenham Street United Church last evening.

I think Ede’s email this morning says it all …

                  SPLENDID! Absolutely Splendid!
Yes, I was out running the roads AFTER DARK last night, but it was truly worth it.  Brass Werks, with The Kingston Choral Society and conductor Brian Jackson as guests, performed all the old favourites of the traditional Last Night of the Proms.  Wen aptly described it as, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show for seniors”  Yes, there is clapping, singing-along, frivolous outfits, flags and boas (that’s the feathered kind James). Ninety percent of the over 60 British expat population of Kingston and surrounding area were there to wallow in British glory and national fervor. All in good fun.  There was no storming of the Bastille or even fist fights. Terribly civilized, of course.
The charming and witty Rick Cairns MCed as well as transcribed a heart filling version of Jerusalem with which the crowd lifted the roof of Sydenham Street United. John Palmer had worked his usual magic with arrangements for the likes of Jupiter from Holst’s Planets, Sea Fantasies by Woods, Amazing Grace, Rule Britannia, Elgar’s’ Pomp and Circumstance ,Londonderry Air and a medley of Andrew Lloyd Weber favourites.  There were others selections but that’s the best I can do for now without a program.  The crowd was large and programs were being shared, one per group of four or five, but as most there new the words by heart this was not an issue. 
Of course The Queen was there in all her glory and was even coaxed, by the MC,  to say a few  clever words. — I suspect you all would have recognized the writing style of a certain wordsmith we know and love.—  It was a magical evening and the participating souls left with lighter steps and expanded hearts.
Kyla, your friend Quincy was there with her Mom for the first half.  She even had a discrete tiara to demonstrate her engagement.  We said hi as she was leaving and her Mom mentioned that Quincy had just been talking about finding Kyla and her family for a visit again soon.  Maybe it was seeing your Grandpa on stage playing such beautiful melodies made her miss you.  Just so you know, she doesn’t just remember you when she sees you.
The Whisperer has just returned from morning chores and I thinking we’re heading to town for a larger screened TV.  Yes, Sim, you finally got to her.  It’s these silly baseball games, the box with the inning, balls & strikes and scores seems to be shrinking.  I’ll let you know how it works out.
Thanks for the wonderful concert Rick.  It was a joy.
Love Ede/Mom & Wen xoxo
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