Friendship Gardens

Garden-Visits1I had THE most amazing Saturday afternoon. I introduced a ‘southern’ gardening/arts friend to a ‘northern’ gardening/arts friend … by taking them both on a tour of each others’ homes. How great to have two people who have inspired you meet up and find each other to be kindred spirits! Here we are at John’s house. He’s sharing a painting of the original home he bought over thirty years ago … and has transformed from a cottage to a magical ‘zen’ hideaway. John and I worked together for many years. I’m very happy to have continued our friendship and hobbies into retirement. He is my Tai Chi instructor, gardening ‘go to’ friend, computer geek buddy as well as the key inspiration and energy that started up the North Frontenac Little Theatre Company that our family has been involved with for decades. I get to help out by doing web page and photography jobs.
Garden-Visits4A few hours later – wine glasses in hand – we were in Bev’s gardens. Both homes have pathways that lead in and out of vistas of flowers, vegetables, trees, meadows, ponds, lakes, sitting areas … Really beautiful places to soak up a fall afternoon.
Garden-Visits2Bev and I taught together a little more than ten years ago. Since then I’ve had the lovely opportunity to work with her daughter. Now that Bev is retired from teaching she can focus full time on her artwork. She works in every kind of media you could imagine! She has an art show coming up in October that I want to make sure I get to!
Garden-Visits3Her husband, Nick, is an architect … These two minds have created THE most amazing home. Aside from the beautiful architecture and artwork in regular rooms like kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and outdoor decks … each of them have incredible working spaces. I could NOT believe how few pictures I had taken!!! But that was because I was totally enchanted with soaking in everything around me. We had a good visit sitting in the shade in one of the outdoor rooms – sharing stories and adventures.
Garden-Visits5Then Bev packed us up with a car load of bulbs and bamboo shoots (that is what this tree is above) to plant in our own gardens. I felt like I’d spent the afternoon on a magical mystery tour!

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  1. says:

    The donkeys will soon have a bamboo forest to explore. Friends’ gardens give one new ideas. We’ll be looking at yours before too long. Love Kate

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