Lovin’ It

Sept27th2One of my favourite ‘jobs’ of the morning – is sharing carrots with Paco.
Sept27th4Oh, the girls get them too. Paco and I have, however, been carrot buddies for almost three years now. In order to make sure that he gets ANY the girls each get their own bowl. Otherwise … they just don’t let him near me!
Sept27th5Today I got a real chuckle watching Darby. She had been into some serious chomping when suddenly she started. (A donkey start is really something – as they go all straight legged and lock kneed … can’t see how that was a good step in evolution?)
Sept27th1Cautiously she took another look into the hay bale …
Sept27th3… only to see THIS on the other side!
Sept27th6I got the GREATEST news after a doctor / nutritionist appointment today. My kidney stone was actually a sign of not enough calcium!! So … they prescribed MORE frozen yogurt! It is now on my ‘must eat’ list. Oh yeeeaaahhh! Now THAT is progress. 😉

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2 Responses to Lovin’ It

  1. Rick says:

    Lexi will be delighted!

  2. Is ice cream on the menu too???😉

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