The Triple ‘P’

… Pneumonia, Poison Ivy and Porcupines! Of the three – I got the best deal. Ede has battled a case of pneumonia and Darby introduced herself to a porcupine. In light of all that my RIDICULOUSLY ITCHY poison ivy seems mild. I really don’t know where all the time flies around here. I look up and it is Friday again – and I only know that because Friday means PIZZA in my cheese loving brain!!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALet’s start with Darby … On Tuesday night, just as I was heading out to a meeting, I went down to the front field to bring the donkeys up for the night. Being the ‘muzzle nuzzler’ that I am … it didn’t take me long to notice that Darby was sporting a very prickly – black – stiff beard. She amazed me with her quiet stoicism. She wasn’t hanging her head. She was munching away on as much of that long grass as she could get before I was going to ‘chase’ her back up. There were twenty some quills driven deeply into her nose! Thank goodness we had some sedative on hand – for her … not us … although it would have been useful for us! I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped the end off the quills and waited for her sedative to take. The poor thing was wobbly but staying close to me for help. Eventually we managed to tie her bridle to the picnic table bench and painstakingly pulled one quill at a time. At one point, while Darby was pulling me AND the bench ‘around the paddock’ and Ede was doing her best to comfort and hold Darby’s head … we realized what a funny sight this would be from the other side of the fence! Rosie did her part to keep her nose as close to the business at hand as possible. We were thinking she should have been the one pulling the quills with her teeth. 😉 Paco – big brave guy that he is – spent the entire time either behind the barn or peeking out with one eye to wince at what was happening. When all was said and done – Darby still huddled close for hugs. I’m taking that to mean that she knew we were trying to help her.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFall seems to have landed here with a ‘thud’ this week. The leaves are turning colours and falling – the grasses are thinning out – and it is delightfully cool outside morning, noon and night. Most mornings you can smell the wood smoke from up and down the road.  I love that smell.
Cooling-Sept3I’ve been spending as much time as I can outside. Between moving brush in the woods (hence the poison ivy) and puttering in the flower gardens I’m getting a great close up view of fall colours around here.
Cooling-Sept4And lo and behold – our MORNING GLORY bloomed. Notice the singular nature of that description!? These poor vines have struggled to hang on this summer. Last year we had a mountain of blooms that I had to keep covering up each night to fight the frost. I miss those blue blooms!

I hope the week has treated you well in your neck of the woods. I’m going to have to get better at managing some writing time in this busy retired life of mine! Funny that I wrote mostly once a day or every other day when I was managing work and home … and these first two weeks of ‘freedom’  I that find Friday rolls around again before I know it. There’s that saying … ask a busy person to get a job done. Hmmm… was I a busy person … or am I a busy person?


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